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Warrior WaysWarrior Ways

Explorations in Modern Military Folklore

Edited by Eric A. Eliason and Tad Tuleja

Narrated by John Brancy

Available from Audible

Book published by Utah State University Press

Members of military organizations, like members of other occupational folk groups, are enculturated into characteristic behavior patterns that identify them as group members, create solidarity, and help them manage stress. Warrior Ways is one of the first book-length explorations of military folklife, focusing on the lore of modern American warriors and illuminating the ways in which members of the armed services creatively express the complex experience of military life.

In these short, lively essays, contributors to the volume—all of whom have close personal or professional relationships with the military—examine battlefield talismans, personal narratives, "Jody calls" (marching and running cadences), slang, homophobia and transgressive humor, music, and photography, among other cultural expressions.

Highlighting the contemporary and historical importance of the military in American life, Warrior Ways will be of interest to scholars and students of folklore, anthropology, sociology, and popular culture; those involved in veteran services and education; and general readers interested in military culture.

Eric A. Eliason served as chaplain for the 1st Battalion 19th Special Forces of the Utah Army National Guard, and is a professor of folklore and literature at Brigham Young University.

Tad Tuleja is a folklorist, anthropologist, and teacher of writing at American University, who has taught and published widely on war and culture.


“Readers should regard this book as offering a smorgasbord of information, ideas and opinions. Sniff or skim or even ignore some selections, but digest and ponder others — a perfect recipe for good reading. ”

The Journal of America's Military Past

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