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New York's War of 1812New York's War of 1812

Politics, Society, and Combat

Richard V. Barbuto

Narrated by Matthew R. Doyle

Available from Audible

Book published by University of Oklahoma Press

Popular memory of the War of 1812 caroms from the beleaguered Fort McHenry to the burning White House to an embattled New Orleans. But the critical action was elsewhere, as Richard V. Barbuto tells us in this clarifying work that puts the state of New York squarely at the center of America’s first foreign war.

British demands to move the northern border as far south as the Ohio River put New York on the first line of defense. But it was the leadership of Governor Daniel D. Tompkins that distinguished the state’s contribution to the war effort, effectively mobilizing the considerable human and material resources that proved crucial to maintaining the nation’s sovereignty. New York’s War of 1812 shows how, despite a widespread antiwar movement and fierce partisan politics, Tompkins managed to corral and maintain support—until 1814, when Britain agreed to peace.

Retrieving New York’s War of 1812 from the fog of military history, Barbuto describes the disproportionate cost paid by the state in loss of life and livelihood. The author draws on in-depth research of the state’s legislative, financial, and militia records, as well as on the governor’s extensive correspondence, to plot the conduct of the war regionally and chronologically and to tell the stories of numerous raids, skirmishes, and battles that touched civilians in their homes and communities.

Whether offering a clearer picture of the performance of the state militia, providing a more accurate account of the conflict’s impact on the state’s diverse population, or newly detailing New York’s decisive contribution, this deeply researched, closely observed work revises our view of the nation’s perhaps least understood war.


“Barbuto’s detailed analysis of the politics and the mobilization of forces stands out in this text… This book is really a micro-history of one state’s response to the national call to arms and the execution of the war against the declared enemy. It focuses almost exclusively on New York State decisions, decision makers, local activity, involvement in battles, and the local actors recording the action. The author delineates the war at the state level for the reader, in compelling detail… Keeping in mind that Barbuto set out to have a razor-sharp focus on New York State’s role in the War of 1812, this is a book that readers interested in the War of 1812, the raising of militia, the early development of the American army, and state involvement in the making of war should find well worth reading.”

Canadian Nautical Research Society

“Insightful, deeply researched and well written, New York’s War of 1812 demonstrates the centrality of the state to the war. Richard Barbuto has produced a first-rate history.”

Sea History

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