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Savage Frontier, 1835-1837Savage Frontier, 1835-1837

Rangers, Riflemen, and Indian Wars in Texas (Volume 1)

Stephen L. Moore

Narrated by Jim D. Johnston

Approximately 11 hours


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Book published by University of North Texas Press

This first volume of the Savage Frontier series is a comprehensive account of the formative years of the legendary Texas Rangers. Stephen L. Moore provides fresh detail about each ranging unit formed during the Texas Revolution and narrates their involvement in the pivotal battle of San Jacinto and later battles at Parker's Fort, the Elm Creek Fight, Post Oak Springs Massacre, and the Stone Houses Fight. Of particular interest to the reader will be the various rosters of the companies, which are found throughout the book.

Stephen L. Moore is a sixth-generation Texan and author of volumes 1, 2, and 3 of Savage Frontier: Rangers, Riflemen, and Indian Wars in Texas, covering the years 1835-37, 1838-39, and 1840-41.


“Volume I provides a fascinating in-depth look at the origins of the Texas Rangers and how they contributed to the early settlement of Texas. Whether the reader is an historian, genealogist or just someone who enjoys the early history of Texas, the reprint of this book will be eagerly welcomed.”

—Donaly Brice, Texas State Archives

“Moore has pulled together scores of elusive sources to account for the names and actions of hundreds of individuals whose deeds have been heretofore passed over in silence or haste by historians. His reconstructed muster rolls of companies whose original records have been lost are alone worth the cost of this book.”

—James E. Crisp, author of Sleuthing the Alamo

“Moore maintains his focus throughout, guiding the reader through the maze of administrative problems of a fledgling nation in almost constant conflict. It is a must read for all who appreciate the struggles of early Texas.”

—Chuck Parsons, coauthor of Captain L.H. McNelly, Texas Ranger

“An exhaustively researched study of the pervasive violence that confronted the newborn Texas Rangers even in colonial days.”

—Kent Biffle, Dallas Morning News

“Carefully researched and accessibly written ... [an] absolutely fascinating study of the Texas Rangers prior to the Mexican War.”

Midwest Book Review

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